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Covid 19 Update  Updated  11 June 2021

20twenty plus will keep the website updated on Covid 19 and the status of your African Safaris and Tours as regular updates and information are provided by the various countries of your destination, airlines and accommodation. Your safety and health is our main priority.

We are in a precarious situation with travel globally due to the ever-changing regulations being made and the impact of Covid 19. We trust you understand the information provided below is subject to change and we must comply and respect the governance of each country.

We are in constant contact with all our Lodges, Hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines and we are trying our utmost to ensure the best outcome for all.

Below is the current update of your tour dates.

The confirmed international travel ban by the Australian Government is up to 16 September 2021. 

The Tours have been postponed due to the current international travel ban date.

Clients have the following options due to the postponement of the tour:

Travel in 2021:

1. Postpone travel departure between 17 September - 10 November 2021. The amount paid to date will be carried over as a credit to your new travel date.

2. Bookings between 1 October - 10 November 2021 (with the exception of the Blue Train and Rovos Rail bookings - see point 3 below) will incur a high season surcharge of $295 per person. Kindly note that the high season surcharges was standard prior to Covid 19.

3. Bookings for the Blue Train and Rovos Rail between 17 September - 10 November 2021 will incur a surcharge of $495 per person. 

We are pleased to advise that we have negotiated and finalized the rates for travel in 2021 and the rates will be retained as the same for travel in 2020. The rates are only applicable to postponed bookings and not new bookings.

Travel in 2022 (recommended):

Postpone travel to 2022 (change of date FOC) between 28 January - 31 August 2022 and additional surcharges per person will apply for travel in 2022. The 2022 surcharge for the following packages are as follows:

5.1 9 Day Kruger Safari - $175

5.2 15 Day Vic Falls - Kruger - Cape Town $295 

5.3 12 or 16 Day Chobe - Vic Falls - Kruger $295   

5.4 17 Day Blue Train including- Kruger - Vic Falls - Cape Town $295

5.5 17 Day Rovos Rail including - Vic Falls - Kruger Cape Town $495

5.6 Postpone travel between 1 September - 10 November 2022 for the following packages will incur the following high season surcharges in addition to the 2022 surcharge.

5.7 15 Day Vic Falls - Kruger - Cape Town $175 

5.8 12 or 16 Day Chobe - Vic Falls -  Kruger  and Cape Town extension $195

5.9 17 Day Blue Train including Kruger - Vic Falls - Cape Town $275

6.0 17 Day Rovos including Kruger - Vic Falls - Cape Town - $375

All postponed bookings are subject to availability to your preferred date of travel.


Clients who have not made the final payment for the tour and additional activities booked, will be invoiced 90 days prior to the new travel date in 2021 or 2022.


No refunds are due for the cancellation of the tour and a credit for the amount paid to date will be offered for travel at a future date in 2021 or 2022 for the same tour as per the above. 


1. All flights are subject to the airline's terms and conditions. The date of commencement of flights is also subject to the travel guidance of each country. We will keep you updated to the airlines flight schedule times and departure dates once released by the airlines. 

2. No refunds are permitted for SAA flights issued under the airline's terms and conditions and a credit will be provided for the same value of flights and the credit is valid for travel to 10 November 2022 and is subject to change.

"Do not be anxious, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and sound judgement."  2 Timothy 1:7